Can AI Provide New Age Cyber Security?

Jan 8, 2024
Jan 8, 2024
Cyber Security

Improved cyber security is the need of the hour.

Threats to cyber security have, regrettably, started to dominate both the public and private sectors. All kinds of enterprises were impacted by the pandemic. In fact, the uncertainty surrounding remote work increased cybercrime. As a result, the significance of cyber security services is now more apparent than ever.

Businesses will need to stay one step ahead as cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated. To safeguard their businesses from cyber attacks, security professionals require significant support from cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence (AI).

Security personnel may be able to manage bigger and more complicated attacks thanks to AI. It has demonstrated the ability to recognise and rank dangers through the cutting edge cyber security solutions. In a few instances, AI has even automatically corrected security flaws. This article shows how AI might re-evaluate an organization’s requirements for cyber security.


Let’s find out what effect cyberattacks can have on organisations before we continue.

How Cyberattacks Affect a Company’s Performance and Value 

The cost of defending a business from online threats is high. It might affect how well your business and its clients get along.

Cyber threats, however, are constantly evolving. According to a poll by Hiscox-Cyber Readiness Report, 28% of the companies that experienced cyber crimes in 2020 were targeted more than five times. As a result of these cyber security breaches, businesses have lost millions. The industries that were hurt the most included financial services, technology, and energy.

It can also be affected in the following –

  • expenditures like insurance premiums and assistance with public relations
  • interruption of operations
  • altered commercial procedures
  • customer trust and a company’s reputation
  • intellectual property that has been stolen includes go-to-market plans, technology, and product designs
  • legal repercussions

How AI Contributes to Cyber Security

Cyber risks are actual and undoubtedly concerning for organisations. Protecting essential digital assets is crucial.

However, it necessitates preparation and resource commitment through cyber security solutions. The majority of the most serious cyber dangers may be controlled with sound security procedures. Although there may be intelligent thieves, artificial intelligence can offer more intelligent protection.

Robust Zero-Day Malware Detection

AI is capable of comprehending all potential outcomes and identifying connections that conventional security solutions would overlook. While standard security measures have their place in cyber security, zero-day attacks cannot be detected or prevented with the use of these measures.

The best way to discover zero-day attacks is by automatically seeing abnormal behaviour and notifying administrators right away. Organizations may be able to improve their security procedures with the use of AI from the top cyber security services.

The whole data flow of a company is visible and secure thanks to artificial intelligence. AI assists businesses in achieving this visibility by analysing each incoming file to look for any dangerous components. Additionally, it examines user and network activity as well as any deviations from normal operations simultaneously.

AI and ML work together to adapt behaviour to novel network circumstances while also continuously adjusting to changing security circumstances. AI-enabled cyber security cannot be deceived by hackers, not even those who employ contemporary ML penetration techniques.

It is not possible to completely halt online security lapses. But before attackers cause havoc, artificial intelligence can help organisations in preventing potential disruptions.

AI Can Safeguard Large Amounts of Data

Every day, a lot of data is shared between customers and businesses, whether they are tiny or mid-sized. This data needs to be protected from any online dangers. It is not always possible for cyber security professionals to scan every piece of data for risks. For identifying risks to normal activities, AI is the greatest option. AI’s automated nature allows it to comb through massive volumes of data in real-time and spot any dangers hiding among the noise.

AI Takes Care of Redundant Cyber Security Operations

Although hackers frequently vary their techniques, the essential security procedures never do. They might also exhaust your cyber security employee. Artificial intelligence mimics the best aspects of hu

AI can boost response time

Real-time security threat detection is the pinnacle of security. As the adage goes a stitch in time saves nine; AI integration with cyber security measures is a surefire technique to quickly recognise and respond to assaults. AI, unlike humans, is more thorough when looking for dangers in your system. Additionally, it speeds up response time by detecting dangers early.

Authenticity Protection

Users can log in to most websites in order to access services or make purchases. As such a site contains sensitive information and private information, you will require extra protection. It’s crucial to make sure that consumer information is secure while visiting your website in order to keep their trust.

An improved security layer can be provided by artificial intelligence. When a user wants to connect their accounts, AI can secure authentication. It is possible to tell whether a login attempt is real or not by using authentication methods like CAPTCHA, fingerprint, and facial recognition.


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